The punchy, reverb-soaked psych-punk of L.A. WITCH transports you back to a neon-lit vision of California’s past: of palm trees and Hell’s Angels, warm night in smoky rooms, the stale smell of spilt beer, cheap cigarettes and broken dreams. The trio’s version of stoner jangle comes with a slightly seedy edge, ominous edge, enveloped in a druggy haze.
Sade, Irita and Ellie’s seductive, wistful slant on the collision of garage rock and dream pop is distilled in their debut, self-titled LP, which is released on Suicide Squeeze Records (home of Guantanamo Baywatch and minus The Bear) on 8 September 2017. Prepare to fall for the sleepy beauty of ‘Baby In Blue Jeans’ and the fuzzed-out licks of ‘Drive Your Car’.