Matt, Mark and Adam, aka MALE GAZE, return quickly from the brainy roar of their previous album ‘King Leer’ with their six heels hanging even further over the edge of the abyss. Good bands often pull punches but the great ones don’t and these charismatically scarred veterans of romance – gear singed from all too real firefights in the dark world of adulthood – lodge ten new slugs into your vest on latest LP ‘Miss Taken’. Your life was spared but you’ll feel every second of the thirty five plus minutes, grateful that all you got was a bruising.
Castle Face (and Male Gaze)’s Matt Jones: “There is no easier task than describing your own band! Gothly sung, feedback stung, Modern English meets Big Muff… Male Gaze is a loud and fuzzy pop band with a tendency to thrash behind my passable Ian Curtis impression rather than brood or jangle.”