Bonding over a love of leftfield experimentalism, STEVE DAVIS + KAVUS TORABI teamed up to present a weekly show on Phoenix FM – the Interesting Alternative Show, a show championing new, experimental, avant-garde, far-out, underground, electronic, pop, folk, psych, rock and classical music. An explanation of their live DJ set is hard to narrow down, but it is effectively across-the-board weird and leftfield prog bangers, with quality electro and top-end techno slung into the mix.
Steve Davis was the most successful professional Snooker Player of the 1980s, notching up 6 World Championships wins. In recent years his involvement in snooker has been limited mainly to TV punditry, which has given him far more time to indulge in his musical hobby, namely collecting leftfield music from around the globe. His favourite band is Magma and it was well documented that, at the end of the 80s, he brought them to London for a series of shows. His musical tastes range from quality 70s prog, Canterbury and Zeuhl through to modern day rock in opposition and avant-progressive.
Kavus Torabi is an experimental/psychedelic musician with a long history in the field. He fronts his own band, Knifeworld, and plays in Gong, Guapo and was previously a member of the clad Cardiacs. He runs the boutique record label, Believers Roast, has collaborated with a wide range of leftfield artists.