THE BROTHERS GRIM are Mark Broadbent and Andrew Livesey. They are the resident DJs and promoters of Pikes On Sundays and Tales Of The Unexpected in Ibiza. Although their names suggest differently, they are actually brothers and they are not actually that grim. Both were born in Huddersfield and both migrated to the Balearics at an early age. While acid house took up their professional attention, their home listening remained far from four-to-the-floor. An 18-year age gap separates the brothers and has affected their individual musical influences: Mark can happily explore the more esoteric, left-of-centre offerings, and Andrew is happy to take a walk down the more well-trodden path if needs must.
From punk to pop, grunge to jungle, folk to metal, psych to dub, their mantra is this: there are only two types of music, good and bad. They try to play as much of the good stuff as possible. At their own events in Ibiza they will regularly play for 10 hours at a time, soundtracking the morning’s hangover, through the heady afternoon haze, putting the sun to bed and then on into the early hours. Never boring, always entertaining and sometimes a bit strange, The Brothers Grim like to keep you on your toes, and sometimes tickle them too.